Meet the team!

Ryan Polce
Hi everyone,
I started videography my sophomore year in  High School as it was an offered class. After taking that class for 3 years, I pursued my dream of freelance videography. I have a total of almost 6 years with videography and video production and have been doing it on my own full time for 3 years, which I enjoy every aspect of. Meeting and working with new people, being able to get creative with new content, and getting reactions from final cuts are just a few reasons I get eager to work every day.  
I am a Resident Advisor and study Business Administration at SUNY Polytechnic and hoping to continue for my Master's degree (M.B.A.).
In my spare time, I enjoy snowboarding, hiking, socializing, hunting, traveling, and being with family. 
Thanks for taking a look at my website!

Alex Martin

Operator of Film


Hello there, 



I'm Alex and have been doing videography for the past few years. Video is my favorite medium of art because of its ability to capture movement and atmosphere so well.


I studied at University at Albany for a degree in Communication. I am striving to become a communication specialist with my technical skills embedded in videography and entertainment.

Have a great day!