American Eccentrics is my project based on interviewing & making video(s) of individuals or groups I find unique, creative, or interesting. 

American Eccentrics

Dave Fisher: Dave is Blacksmith who specializes in antique  reproductions & a variety of different custom work. Dave owns & operates Fisher Forge out of Hamburg, PA.

Cathy GallagherCathy is a baker & owner of The Cottage Bakery ( Desserts by Design) in Three Mile Bay, New York. The Cottage Bakery is unique in its own way of working completely on the self-serve honor system. The assorted goods offered here are baked fresh daily.

Mike PelusoMike is a creative glass blower located in Elizabethtown, PA. As well as creating some of the most unique & colorful glass, he also hosts a glass blowing class out of his workshop.

Belle Hilmer: Belle is the owner of Maine Leather Co., located in Portland, Maine where she creates leather goods stiched strictly by hand.